Maxwell St du 01 Novembre 2022

John PRIMER-Hard times-You mean so much to me-Blues House Productions
Buddy GUY-The blues don’t lie-Symptoms of love-RCA Records
Phil GUY-Classic Chicago studio session-Wine had woman-JSP Records
ELISE & THE SUGARSWEETS-Horosho-In the shadow of your wings-Adorablues
SILENT PARTNERS-Changing times-Ain’t no right way to do wrong-Little Village Foundation
Mercedes NICOLE-Constellation-Stormy Monday-Self
Sven ZETTERBERG-Rain on-Rain on tears-Pama
Lily LOCKSMITH-Lily Locksmith-Player-Enviken Records
Anthony GERACI-Blues called my name-I ain’t going to ask-Blue Heart Records
Debbie BOND-Blues without borders-High rider blues-Blues Root Productions
Neal BLACK & THE HEALERS-Wherever the road takes me-Sunrise in prison-Dixiefrog
Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-Raise the alarm-Blue Heart Records
Billy TRUITT-Anstract truth-Truth come home-JT Dream Wave Music