KALO-Dear John-Dear John-Autoprod-2013

David « Honeyboy » EDWARDS-I’m gonna tell something that’s I know-Ride with me tonight-Pro Show Bidness-2016

GOV’T MULE-The Tel-star sessions-Rocking horse-Provogue/Mascot-2016

Cripple Clarence LOFTON-Uptown Blues-Policy blues-Yazoo Records-LP ???

Sammy EUBANKS-Sugar me-Its & all blues to me-Underworld Records-2016

Blind Willie JOHNSON-Dark was the night- I know his blood can make me whole-Sony-1998

John LONG-Stand your ground- I know his blood can make me whol-Delta Groove-2016

Lil GREEN-Chicago 1940/1947-I have a place to go-Rosetta Records-1985

The Jordan PATTERSON Band-The back on track recording project-Do you believe-Flammingcheese Records-2016

Marvin GAYE-In the groove-Some kind of wonderful-Tamla Motow-1968

Albert CASTIGLIA-Big Dog-Drowning at the bottom-RUFrecords-2016

Scotty MOORE/Keith RICHARD-All the king’s men-Deuce & quarter-Polydor-1999

  • Randy CASEY-One step ahead
  • Robert JOHNSON-Me and the devil blues
  • Bobby BLACKHAT-Baby mama drama blues
  • Fenton ROBINSON-The getaway
  • Sandy CARROL-Love is a wonderful thing
    • Little WALTER- My babe
    • SCREAMING KIDS-My babe
  • Robert WILKINS-Falling down
  • ELISE & the Sugarsweets-The cell
  • Katy WEBSTER-The Kattie Lee
  • DELTA MOON-Somebody in my home

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Du blues d’hier à celui d’aujourd’hui, du Rock & Roll au Rhythm & Blues ,un zeste de country, une pincée de soul, voilà la programmation de l’émission Crossroads, véritable croisement musical international.
55 minutes de pur bonheur bluesycal !!!
Ce qui s’est passé hier, ce qui se passe aujourd’hui, ce qui se passera peut être demain
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