Blog Cross Roads (B)


Première Heure

  1. TAJ MAHAL Saddle my pony
  1. Christine OHLMAN Howling for my darling
  1. KENNY NEAL The red rooster
  1. COLIN LINDEN Just like I treat you
  1. EDDIE SHAW Built for comfort
  1. DEBBIE DAVIS Ooh baby
  1. CUB KODA Ridin’ in the moonlight
  1. RONNIE HAWKINS Back doorman
  1. SAM LAY Baby how long
  1. HUBERT SUMLIN Killing floor
  1. COLIN JAMES Howling Wolf boogie
  1. HENRY GRAY Smokestack lightnin’
  1. LUCINDA WILLIAMS Come to me baby
  1. HOWLING WOLF Sugar mama