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  • Tellin’you - 24 novembre 2022 -

    Wilko Johnson-Roxette-Live
    Grant Haua-Bad man-Ora blues at the Chapel-Dixiefrog-2022
    Bubba-The Big Bad Blues-I’ve been down-Drifting-Fullerton gold rec.-2022
    Bubba-The Big Bad Blues-If you need me-Drifting-Fullerton gold rec.-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-Don’t need your love no more-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Harlem Lake-Deaf blind-A fool’s paradise-Bluestown music-2021
    Awek-Goin’ away babe-Awek-Absilone-2021
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Dirtylicious-Bloodstone-Autoprod.-2021
    Chicago Blues Festival/Toronzo Cannon+Ivy Ford & Joey J Saye-Live
    Power Shake-Bottle Boogie-So far so good-Fête du bruit-2021
    Guy Verlinde & the Artisans of Solace-Surrender to the groove-Standing in the light of a brand new day-R&S Music-2021
    Roland Van Campenhout-If I were a carpenter-Live
    Fred & the Healers-The best thing-Hammerbeatmatic-Blues boulevard rec.-2014
    Superdownhome-Vacuity Blues-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Superdownhome-Motorway son-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Vanessa Collier-The run around-Live at Power Station-Phenix fire rec.-2022
    Vanessa Collier-Whiskey and women-Live at Power Station-Phenix fire rec.-2022
    Kat Riggins-Walk on-Progeny-Gulf coast rec.-2022
    Kat Riggins-In my blood-Progeny-Gulf coast rec.-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 17 novembre 2022 -

    Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys-Never trust the living-Never trust the living-CSB-2015
    Chris Cain-So many miles-So many miles-Blues rock’it rec.-2010
    Kate Riggins-No sale-Live en 2021
    Black Cat Biscuit-The way it is-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Black Cat Biscuit-Two seconds man-The way it is-Naked/Donor-2022
    Tiger Rose-Shake it-Acoustic at home
    Phil Bee’s Freedom-Andy’s bar-Home-Soul sacrifice rec.-2019
    Big Day & the Captain Keys-Nobody knows you when youre down-Live
    Guilty Delight-Lose control-Lose control-Big star rec.-2021
    Harlem Lake-The River-A fool’s paradise-Bluestown music-2021
    Bill & the Burners-Wrong station-Vidéo
    Jimmy Carpenter-I got loaded-The Louisiana record-Gulf coast rec.-2022
    Jimmy Carpenter-Barefootin’-The Louisiana record-Gulf coast rec.-2022
    Janice Harrington-Making plans-80 years of International Friendship-Hip & happy rec.-2022
    Red Beans and Pepper Sauce-Gonna dance-Red Beans and Pepper Sauce-Crossroads/Socadisc-2022
    Red Beans and Pepper Sauce-World is burning-Red Beans and Pepper Sauce-Crossroads/Socadisc-2022
    Will Jacobs-Grooving with you-Goldfish blues-Ruf rec.-2022
    Will Jacobs-Dirty dog-Goldfish blues-Ruf rec.-2022
    Detonics-Money train-Detonized-Naked/Donor-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 10 novembre 2022 -

    Justine Blue-Gold in our hands-True-WNL Prod.-2022
    Justine Blue-Bye bye big bad blues-True-WNL Prod.-2022
    The Texas Horns-Everybody let’s roll-Everybody let’s roll-Blue Heart rec.-2022
    The Texas Horns-Why it always gotta be this way-Everybody let’s roll-Blue Heart rec.-2022
    Jeremiah Johnson-The squeeze-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
    Jeremiah Johnson-Sweet misery-Hi-Fi drive by-Ruf rec.-2022
    Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Tight dress-Over the pain-Vintage laNell rec.-2022
    Orphan Jon and the Abandoned-Got no name-Over the pain-Vintage laNell rec.-2022
    Fred & the Healers-Lovers Boogie-Hammerbeatmatic-Team 4 Action-2014
    Mike Wheeler & the Capitol horns-That what love will make you do-Turn up !!-Bluztrack-2022
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Into the water-Bloodstone-Rock nation-2021
    Delgrès-Lundi Mardi Mercredi-4:00 AM-Pias-2021
    Walking Blues-Good time-Roots-Autoprod.-2022
    Smooth Gentlemen-If you want to know-New-Rip Cat rec.-2019
    Dennis Johnson-Talk to you-Revelation-Booda Lee rec.-2022
    Dennis Johnson-Lonesome Valley-Revelation-Booda Lee rec.-2022
    PD Martin-Wild river-single-Naked/Donor-2022
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-Birthrights-Horosho-Adorablues-2022
    Elise & the Sugarsweets-My goddess got shapes-Horosho-Adorablues-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 03 novembre 2022 -

    Walking Blues-Apple tree swing-Roots-Autoprod.-2022
    An Diaz & Yokatta Brothers-Don’t ever let nobody drag your spirit down-Spiral blues-Yokatta rec.-2022
    The Rusty Wright band-No one cares at all-Hangin at the Deville Lounge-Sadson music-2022
    The Rusty Wright band-Devil man blues-Hangin at the Deville Lounge-Sadson music-2022
    Janice Harrington-Old age-80 years of Internation Friendship-Hip & Happy rec.-2022
    Janice Harrington-Mud in his face-80 years of Internation Friendship-Hip & Happy rec.-2022
    Boogie Beasts-Who’ll be next-Blues from Jupiter-Naked/Donor-2022
    Andrew Alli-30 long years-Hard workin’ man-EllerSoul rec.-2020
    Harlem Lake-The River-A fool’s paradise-Bluestown music-2021
    The BluesBones-Depression-Live @ Bosuil-Autoprod.-2013
    Popa Chubby-Shakedown-Two dogs-Verycords-2017
    Jose Ramirez-Travelling riverside blues-Here I come-Autoprod.-2020
    Anthony Geraci-That old pine box-Blues called my name-Blue Heart rec.-2022
    Anthony Geraci-I ain’t going to ask-Blues called my name-Blue Heart rec.-2022
    Will Jacobs-You do you-Goldfish blues-Ruf rec.-2022
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Tatanka-Bloodstone-Rock nation-2021
    Little Mouse & the Hungry Cats-Mister Stupid-Voodoo works-Volcanic groove-2022
    Janiva Magness-Don’t you forget about me-Hard to kill-Fathead rec.-2022

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  • Tellin’You – 27 octobre 2022 – spéciale Halloween -

    Calvin Russel-Halloween-Dawg eat dawg-XIII bis rec.-2009
    Lauren Anderson-Zombie blues-Burn it all down-Independent-2022
    Ghalia & Mama’s Boys-Let the demons out-Let the demons out-Ruf rec.-2017
    Black Cat Biscuit-Sons of a Vampire-That’s how the cookie crumbles-Naked/Donor-2019
    Hokie Joint-Ghost-The way it goes… sometimes-Coolbuzz-2008
    Bobby Gentilo-Ghost-Gentilo-Blue heart rec.-2022
    Kaz Hawkins-Drink with the devil-My life and I-Dixiefrog-2022
    Zac Harmon-Deal with the devil-Long as I got my guitar-Catfood rec.-2021
    Paul Personne-Le diable en hiver-Paul Personne-Polydor-2003
    Thiéfaine / Personne-Juste avant l’enfer-Amicalement blues-Sony/Bmg-2007
    Manu Lanvin & the Devil Blues-Je suis le diable-Grand Casino-Verycords-2019
    Blues Lee-Destination hell-Home-Backstab rec.-2006
    Bai Kamara Jr & the Voodoo Sniffers-Black widow spider-Salone-MIG-2019
    Cuban Heels-Devil’s door-Gutbucket music-Coolbuzz-2005
    Archie Lee Hooker & the Coast to Coast Blues band-Nightmare blues-Living in a memory-Dixiefrog-2021
    Altered Five Blues band-Full moon, half crazy-Holler if you hear me-Blind pig rec.-2021
    Big Time Bossmen-Wolfman-Working on a plan-Donor/Rootz Rumble-2017
    Tiffany Pollack & co-Devil and the Darkness-Bayou Liberty-Nola blue rec.-2021

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  • Tellin’you - 20 octobre 2022 -

    Boogie Beasts-Long Haired Doney-Blues from Jupiter-Naked/Donor-2022
    Dissidence Blues-Waterbound-Yidaki blues-Autoprod.-2021
    Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Illinois blues-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
    Karen Lovely-Waking up the dead-Fish outta water-Autoprod.-2017
    Jose Ramirez-Travelling riverside blues-Here I come-Autoprod.-2020
    Derrick Procell-Skin in the game-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Derrick Procell-The contender-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Derrick Procell-Broken promise-Hello Mojo !-Catfood rec.-2022
    Alex Lopez-World on fire-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
    Alex Lopez-Just wait-Nasty crime-Maremil music-2022
    Arnaud Fradin & his Roots Combo-Walk with your maker-Steady rollin man-Mojo hand rec.-2017
    Boogie Beasts-Favorite scene-Love me some-Naked/Donor-2021
    Carolyn Wonderland-Fragile peace and certain war-Tempting Fate-Alligator rec.-2021
    Lowland Brothers-Two pounds of loaded steel-Lowland Brothers-Wita rec.-2021
    Andrew Alli-30 long years-Hard workin’ man-EllerSoul rec.-2020
    Mike Wheeler & the Capitol horns-That what love will make you do-Turn up !!-Bluztrack-2022
    John Németh-Sooner or later-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
    John Németh-Feeling good-May be the last time-Nola blue rec.-2022
    Thomas Kahn-Stay away-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022
    Thomas Kahn-Flying around-This is real-Musique sauvage-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 13 octobre 2022 -

    Detonics-Life’s your best friend-Detonized-Naked/Tub Thumper rec.-2022
    Detonics-Mean machine-Detonized-Naked/Tub Thumper rec.-2022
    The Hoochies-Backstreet Crawler-Live ! Moulin Blues-Autoprod.-2019
    The Hoochies-Gutbucket-Live ! Moulin Blues-Autoprod.-2019
    Brad Wilson-Ballad of John Lee-Brad “Guitar” Wilson-Cali bee music-2022
    Brad Wilson-All kinds of a fool-Brad “Guitar” Wilson-Cali bee music-2022
    Niecie-Leave it all behind-Queen of the hill-Ride the tiger rec.-2022
    Niecie-Queen of the hill-Queen of the hill-Ride the tiger rec.-2022
    Bjorn Berge-Coliseum-Heavy Gauge-Autre label-2021
    Freaky Buds-Stalking blues-Hard days Fuzzy nights-AMV-2021
    Freaky Buds-Way to wild-Hard days Fuzzy nights-AMV-2021
    Stef Paglia trio-Crush on you-Never forget-Autoprod.-2019
    Thomas Frank Hopper-Come closer-Bloodstone-Vrec-2022
    Lauren Anderson-Burn it all down-Burn it all down-Independent-2022
    Lauren Anderson-Soul is mine-Burn it all down-Independent-2022
    Lee O’Nell Blues Gang-Be a man-This is us-Autoprod.-2022
    Lee O’Nell Blues Gang-Remember-This is us-Autoprod.-2022
    Janiva Magness-Lover girl-Hard to kill-Fathead rec.-2022

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  • Tellin’you - 06 octobre 2022 -

    Boogie Beasts-Who’ll be next-Single-2022
    Boogie Beasts-Grinnin’ in your face-Single-2022
    Johnny Sansone-Into your blues-Into your blues-Short Stack rec.-2022
    Johnny Sansone-Pay for this song-Into your blues-Short Stack rec.-2022
    Gary Cain-Billionaires in space-Next stop-Autoprod.-2022
    Gary Cain-Confusion-Next stop-Autoprod.-2022
    Red Red-In the pines-Single-2022
    Lee O’Nell Blues Gang-Kiss me again-This is us-2022
    Gérard Lanvin-Entre le dire et le faire-Ici bas-Gel production-2021
    Bjorn Berge-I got it made-Heavy Gauge-Autre label-2021
    Jim Dan Dee-Two shakes of a Lamb’s Tail-Real blues-Autoprod.-2022
    Jim Dan Dee-Bleed my dry-Real blues-Autoprod.-2022
    Todd Sharpville-House rules-Medication time-Dixiefrog-2022
    Todd Sharpville-Get outta my way-Medication time-Dixiefrog-2022
    Superdownhome-Ain’t no real love-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Superdownhome-Vacuity blues-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Superdownhome-I’m broke-Blues pyromaniacs-Dixiefrog-2022
    Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado-Navigation blues-Navigation blues-Mascot/provogue-2022

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