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  • Maxwell St du 27 Septembre 2022

    WINTER BLUES BAND-Winter Blues Band-Disconnection-Self
    Edgar WINTER-Brother Johnny-Mean town blues-Quarto Valley Records
    Nicole MERCEDES-Constellation-I ain’t got nothing but the blues-Self
    THE WACKY JUGS-Wired, wild and wicked-True religion-L’Autre Distribution
    TIGER ROSE-It’s gonna get wild-Big talking man-Migprod
    THE SUGAR ROOTS-Savage’s life-Going nowhere fast-Self
    Andres ROOTS-Afternoon-Picnic at Dockery’s-Roots Art
    BLACK CAT BONES-Rolling thunder-Voice in the night-Self
    Tiffany POLLACK & CO-Bayou liberty-Livin’ for me-Nola Blue Records
    JIM DAN DEE-Real blues-Real blues-Self
    THE GROOVE KREWE-Run to daylight-That’s New Orleans-Sound Business Services
    Johnny TUCKER-75 and alive-All night long, all night wrong-Blue Heart Records
    THE NIGHTHAWKS-Established 1972-Nobody-Vizztone
    Kaz HAWKINS-My life and I-Hallelujah happy people-Dixiefrog

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  • Maxwell St du 20 Septembre 2022

    Jeff DALE & THE SOUTH WOODLAWNERS-Blood red moon-She wouldn’t leave Chicago-Pro Sho Business
    Jose RAMIREZ-Major league-Bad boy-Delmark Records
    T-BEAR AND THE DUKES-Blue-Help me through the day-Self
    Anthony GERACI-Blues called my name-I go o oh-Blue Heart Records
    Gina SICILIA-Unchange-Don’t be afraid to be wrong-Vizztone
    Michael RUBIN-I’ll worry if I wanna-Chain letter blues-Many Hats Records
    Neal BLACK & THE HEALERS-Wherever the road takes me-Handful of rain-Dixiefrog
    Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-I’m movin’ on-Blue Heart Records
    MAMA’S BISCUITS-Love advice-Broken girl-Self
    Kenny NEAL-Straight from the heart-Blues keep chasing me-Ruf Records
    BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-Let the blues heal you-Donor Productions
    Brad WILSON-Brad ‘’Guitar’’ Wilson-Ballad of John Lee-Cali Bee Music
    LOCKDOWN SESSIONS-Volume II-Harpin’ awhile-Crosscut Records

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  • Maxwell St du 13 Septembre 2022

    Dana FUCHS-Borrowed time-Hard road-Ruf Records
    TRAVELIN’ BLUE KINGS-Bending the rules-Too many people-Donor Productions
    Derrick PROCELL-Hello mojo !-Skin in the game-Catfood Records
    Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT-Burning light-Valentine-Self
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-You shocked me-Hiding place-Vizztone
    MISSISSIPPI HEAT-Madeleine-Uninvited guest-Van Der Linden Recordings
    SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay !!!!!!!!!-Johnny-Pile Ou Face
    Noreda GRAVES-Introducing Noreda-Everyday I have the blues-Egeamusic
    Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-C.H.I.C.A.G.O.-Wind Chill Records
    Gabe STILLMAN-Just say the word-Give me some time-Vizztone
    Diane DURRETT & SOUL SUGA-Put a lid on it-Good news-Self
    MOCKINGBIRDS-Mohair soul-My soul-Self
    Chris ANTONIK-Morning star-We’re not alone-Second Half Records

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  • Maxwell St du 06 Septembre 2022

    THE TEXAS HORNS-Everybody let’s roll-Why it always be the way-Blue Heart Records
    Todd SHARPVILLE-Medication time-get outta my way-Dixiefrog
    Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT-Burning light-Wanna try somebody-Self
    Dave WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES-Nightwalk-Red hot tabasco-Delmark Records
    Bob MARGOLIN & Bob CORRITORE-So far-Broken heart-Vizztone
    Breezy RODIO-Underground blues-Half way in the devil’s gate-Windchill Records Matty T WALL-Live down underground-Slideride-Hipsterdumpster Records
    Mick KOLASSA-I’m just getting started !-That kind of man-Endless Blues Records Dylan TRIPLETT-Who is he ?-Junkyard dog-Vizztone
    Matt LOMEO-When you call-Take the boulevard-Self
    Alex LOPEZ-Nasty crime-See the light-Maremil Music
    Patty TUITE-Hard case of the blues-I’m strong enough-Self
    Steve HOWELL AND THE MIGHTY MEN-Been here and gone-Ferry across the Mersey-out Of The Past Music
    TOO SLIM AND THE TAILDRAGGERS-Brace yourself Live !-Letter-Vizztone

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  • Maxwell St du 28 Juin 2022

    THE Reverend Shawn AMOS-Single-I need to get loving-Put Together Music
    THE WACKY JUGS-Wired, wild and wicked-True religion-L’Autre Distribution
    CATCH 23-Single-Sweet soul medicine-Self
    T-BEAR AND THE DUKES-Blue-I wouldn’t treat a dog-Self
    MOCKINGBIRDS-Mohair soul-Alabama train-Self
    Till SEIDEL-Lockdown sessions volume 2-Cheatin’ and lying’-Crosscut Records
    BLACK CAT BONES-Rolling thunder-Undertaker-Self
    THE BLACK KEYS-Dropout boogie-Your team is looking good-Easy Eye Sound
    Franck L. GOLDWASSER-Lockdown sessions volume 2-Just one more week-Crosscut Records
    BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-Let the blues heal you-Donor Productions
    SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay-Johnny-Pile Ou Face
    Edgar WINTER-Brother Johnny-Johnny B. Goode-Quarto Valley Records
    WINTER BLUES BAND-Winter Blues Band-Disconnection-Winter Blues Core
    Mr. TCHANG BLUZ EXPLOSION-Time to move-Baby I miss you-BluzTrack Productions
    Clay MELTON-Live in Texas-Devil don’t-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 21 Juin 2022

    Dave WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES-Nightwalk-Don’t ever change your ways-Delmark Records
    ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND-Single-Great minds drink alike-Blind Pig Records
    Charlie MUSSELWHITE-Mississippi son-Blues up the river-Alligator Records
    Grant HAUA-Ora blues at The Chapel-Good woman-Dixiefrog
    Kaz HAWKINS-My life and I-Believe with me-Dixiefrog
    Kenny NEAL-Straight from the heart-I got to tell somebody-Ruf Records
    Gina SICILIA-Unchange-One last tender moment-Vizztone
    Neal BLACK AND THE HEALERS-Wherever the road takes me-Handful of rain-Dixiefrog
    Brad WILSON-Brad « Guitar » WILSON-Ballad of John Lee-Cali Bee Music MISSISSIPPI HEAT-Madeleine-Empty nest blues-Van der Linden Recordings
    Dana FUCHS-Borrowed time-Not another second on you-Ruf Records
    Ann PEEBLES & HI RHYTHM SECTION-Live in Memphis-I can’t stand the rain-Memphis International Records
    TRAVELIN’ BLUE KINGS-Bending the rules-Shut eye-Naked
    Vaneese THOMAS-Fight the good fight-He’s a winner-Blue Heart Records

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  • Maxwell St du 14 Juin 2022

    MAMA’S BISCUITS-Love advice-I don’t care-Self
    MOCKINGBIRDS-Mohair soul-My soul-Self
    THE GROOVE KREWE featuring Nick DANIELS-Run to daylight-That’s New Orleans-Sound Business Services
    BUBBA AND THE BIG BAD BLUES-Drifting-Do what’s right-Fullerton Gold Records Trudy LYNN-Golden girl-Trouble with love-Nola Blue Records
    Bobby GENTILO-Gentilo-Disease-Blue Heart Records
    J-Rad COOLE-Yard sale-Running from my hometown-Vizztone
    ELISE & THE SUGARSWEETS-Horosho-Good morning-Adora Blues
    Jerome PIETRI-Last of the fishing days-Fishing in the rain-Self
    TAJ MAHAL & Ry COODER-Get on board-My baby done changed the lock on the door-Nonesuch Records
    THE SUPERSOUL BROTHERS-Shadows & lights-Supersoul-Dixiefrog
    TIGER ROSE-It’s gonna get wild-It’s gonna get wild-Migprod
    John MAYALL-The sun is shining-Hungry and ready-Forty Below Records
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Down home blues revue-Let’s work together-Vizztone

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  • Maxwell St du 07 Juin 2022

    Sven ZETTERBERG-Rain on-Blues in my heart-Pama
    Diunna GREENLEAF-I ain’t playin’-Never trust a man-Little Village Foundation
    Gary CAIN-Next stop-Billionaires in space-Self
    Dominic SCHOEMAKER & Bob STROGER-The Soundfarm session-Blind man blues-Self
    Bob STROGER & THE HEADCUTTERS-That’s my name-Something strange-Delmark Records
    Jose RAMIREZ-Major league blues-Bad boy-Delmark Records
    SHAGGY DOGS-Sorry for the delay-Carpe Diem-Pile Ou Face
    Thomas DOUCET & THE G LIGHTS-Make love great again !-Coming out-Self Anthony GERACI-Blues called my name-That old pine box-Blue Heart Records
    JIM DAN DEE-Real blues-Two timing woman-Self
    BLACK CAT BISCUIT-The way it is-Say hello to Godot-Donor Productions
    Michael RUBIN-I’ll worry if I wanna-Beer belly baby-Many Hat Records
    Delbert McCLINTON-Outdated emotion-The sun is shining-Hot Shot Records BAREFOOT IANO-Somewhere in France-Feet-Self

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