Surfinbird Radio Show #457 Blues With A Feeling

JOHNNY TUCKER : Tired Of Doing Nothing - Seventh Day Blues (Highjohn)
ARCHIE LEE HOOKER : Big Ass Fun - Chilling (Dixiefrog)
SUE FOLEY : Come To Me - The Ice Queen (Dixiefrog)
LIL’ RED &THE ROOSTER : Catch The Train - Soul Burnin’ (Lil Red)
FRED CHAPELLIER & the GENTS : The Clock -Set Me Free (Dixiefrog)
URBAN ALLSTARS : Stop Breaking Down - Loitering On The West Side (Cee Pee Vee)
REVEREND RAVEN & the CHAIN SMOKIN’ ALTAR BOYS : My Life - My Life (Nevermore)
THE REVEREND SHAWN AMOS:The Jean Genie - Breaks It Down (Put Together)
JOHN LEE HOOKER : Crawlin’ King Snake - Mr Lucky (Silvertone) 1991
ELMORE JAMES : Standing And The Crossroad 1954
SHAGGY DOGS:Tired Of It All -All Inclusive (Pile ou Face)
THE NICK MOSS BAND : Get Right Before You Get Left -The High Cost Of Low Living (Alligator)
STEVEN TROCH BAND:Walk Aways - Rhymes For Mellow Minds (Sing My Title)
HYMN FOR HER : Devil’s Train- Drive Til U Die (Rhythm Bomb)

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Surfinbird Radio Show : Blues with a feeling
Blues, R&B, Soul
Surfinbird Radio Show : T’es rock coco ?
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