Surfinbird Radio Show # 374 - Blues With A Feeling

Surfinbird Radio Show # 374 - Blues With A Feeling

Playlist :
FRED CHAPELLIER : It Never Comes Easy - It Never Comes Easy (Dixiefrog)
NEAL BLACK & LARRY GARNER : Guilty - Guilty Saints (Dixiefrog)
INA FORSMAN : Bubbly Kiss - Ina Forsman (RUF)
TASHA TAYLOR : Feels So Good - Honey For The Biscuit (RUF)
THEY CALL ME RICO ; This Time - This Time (Voxtone)
OLIVIER GOTTI : Birds In The Cage - Little Boy Child
TORONZO CANNON : Mrs From Mississippi -The Chicago Way (Alligator)
COWBOY JUNKIES : Jesus Is Coming Soon - God Don’t Never Change The Song Of Blind Willie Johnson
JIMMY CORNETT : Dead Flowers - Campfire
JOHN CLIFTON : Everytime You Come Around - Let Yourself Go (RipCat)
SLIM HARPO : Strange Love
HOWLIN’ WOLF : Mr Highway Man
ERIC BIBB : Tell Ol’ Bill -The Happiest Man In The World (Dixiefrog)
YANA BIBB : You & I - Afternoon In Paris (Dixiefrog)

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Surfinbird Radio Show : Blues with a feeling
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Surfinbird Radio Show : T’es rock coco ?
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